Social Media Platform – Torum

Social Media Platform – Torum

Many who are currently in cryptocurrency as investors are from the era of when Facebook came to be. The promise of connecting with family and friends sharing ideas, pictures and more.

Well as of the last few years that dream has been crushed as Facebook continues to steal and sell your information and treat you as a commodity instead of a real person. You know the real person that helps Facebook grow in the first place.

Now you’re slapped with shadow bans, paying for reach and having your actions and information tracked and sold to the highest bidder!



Well it’s time to start fighting back and with that comes new crypto based social media platforms such as Torum!

Torum will bring that Facebook vibe back to you but with some extras that are sure to make this one heck of a platform moving forward.

Rewards | Missions | NFTs

Torum offers daily, weekly, one time and special goals/missions to help promote activity on the site. By doing these each day you are able to claim the native token to the chain called XTM.

These missions can change and reward values change as well. This creates engagement and activity on the platform to help stimulate it in it’s early phases. So far we have seen a great wealth of engagement on the platform that continues to grow over time.

Coming soon will be NFTs and DeFi staking with these NFTs it’s the first time I have seen the two combined into one platform which looks like it will be earning you XTM rewards for holding these NFT cards. Only one can be active at a time and runs off of the Binance smart chain.

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