What are DeFi Kingdoms on CubDeFi

What are DeFi Kingdoms?

Kingdoms is a recent addition to the DeFi community and is part of CubDeFi. While most DeFi platforms work off of Frames and Pools where you stake your crypto or combine it and stake you have to manually trigger the harvest on these and restake it. This is a two transaction processes and sometimes can be more meaning you pay two fees in order to make it happen. 

While these fees are not an issue for larger accounts they can be troublesome for smaller accounts as paying Ethereum fees currently upwards of $60 per transaction. Binance became popular because of their lower fee structure of which this same process was now $0.20 – $0.60 depending on how congested the network was.

Kingdoms instead automates this process allowing for automatic compounding. This allows APR rates to be higher but not only do you earn Cake you also earn CUB on top of it.

“Peer to Peer lending has been destroyed and replaced with Crypto and DeFi”

Kingdoms will be introducing various other aspects and platforms to it soon. CubDeFi is currently in the early phases of their kingdom launch and partnership between these platforms. What makes this so powerful is you not only earn one DeFi token you now earn two!

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