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New NFT Game – Splinterlands raises $3.4 million in private token funding and it’s only getting started.

Splinterlands runs on the HIVE blockchain but cards and crypto assets can be traded on Binance, Wax, Steem, Ethereum and Tron. While most other games are limited to just one blockchain Splinterlands is unique in that it the game assets can be traded on other major 

Splinterlands has become a popular game in the crypto space which is known as play to earn. The play to earn model means by playing the game you earn rewards which have value in terms of $ value.

Like Axie Infinity where you play to level up characters and battle it out to get a digital asset currency splinterlands acts much in the same way.

Splinterlands currently is running a 365 day airdrop called SPS or SplinterShards which are used as a governance token much like AXIE tokens are.  Simply by playing you will earn these goverance tokens each day based on the value of your cards, DEC(in game currency), Land plots, SPT(blog type platform) among other things. What’s really cool about this is that instead of a single large air drop SPS will be air dropped over 365 days.

SPS can also be earned soon simply by playing and winning matches, being part of a guild among other in game actions.

SPS can also be earned via DeFi playforms. A pool at PancakeSwap and a DEC pool on CubDeFi.

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